Legacy Wealth Alliance.

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Identification. Recommendation. Implementation.

You’ve worked hard to earn your money. Let Legacy Wealth Alliance help you feel more confident that your money will be there to ensure your retirement years will be rewarding ones. We will work to make certain you leave behind a legacy, ensuring your loved ones are left living comfortable lives.

Legacy Wealth Alliance is a Tempe, Arizona-based wealth management firm with an outlook and business model that is unique in our field. We strive to reflect the same universal values and ideals that you utilized to become a financial success. Legacy Wealth Alliance realizes that hard work, dedication and an unwavering commitment are all keys to reaching your goals.

A financial planner registered with Lincoln Financial Securities will begin with an in-depth analysis of your current financial situation, evaluating your financial strengths and weaknesses and looking for opportunities you may have overlooked. We then work with you, exploring all available options to systematically develop a financial plan geared toward meeting your specific financial goals.

Platform Offerings

Through LFS, we can offer several platforms to help you plan, build and strengthen your legacy:

  • Module Platform
  • Life Plan Platform

We look at your entire portfolio, assessing the risk, cash flow and budget. We then make an evaluation regarding retirement, investments and business and estate planning. We then regularly review your financial portfolio and provide a written analysis with our recommendations.

  • Retirement planning
  • Education funding
  • Estate planning
  • Meet and have your portfolio reviewed once a year

We create and implement a broad-based financial life plan designed to help you reach your goals.

  • Yearly goal tracking
  • Ongoing asset and investment management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Regular tax planning to optimize your current and future tax situation
  • Regular review of your estate planning strategy and beneficiary designations
  • Yearly update of your insurance needs, including assistance with shopping for coverage
  • Planning how to pay for major expenses, such as a house or college
  • Long-range planning


Preparing for Your Consultation

To help you get the maximum benefit from your initial consultation with Legacy Wealth Alliance, our financial planners prepared the following checklist of items to consider before your appointment:

  • Determine and write down your short and long-term financial plans and life goals.
  • For a week, keep track of every penny you spend, to see where your money is going
  • Gather records such as tax returns and checking, brokerage and retirement account statements
  • Figure out your retirement planning goals and how you expect to meet them
  • Think hard about you want to protect your heirs after you’re gone
  • Determine whether you’re a conservative or risky investor